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7 Bread Recipes To Make Under Quarantine

7 Bread Recipes To Make Under Quarantine

What is it about bread that makes it so satisfying to bake? Maybe it’s the scientific precision that’s needed—to get every measurement and mixture exactly right for the perfect loaf. Or maybe it’s because we currently have so much time on our hands, we crave comforting, warm baked goods that need just a few pantry staples. It’s time to put all your free time to good use and get into the bread baking business with these seven recipes that will turn you into the ultimate quarantine breadwinner.


1. The Perfect Lunchbox Banana Bread

Banana bread is a delicious and healthy way to introduce yourself to baking basics. It’s easily customizable, allowing you to add your favourite extras, like chocolate chips, nuts, and coconut flakes. This particular recipe is gluten and dairy free, and is great for lunches or for a sweet after-dinner snack.

2. Crusty Sourdough Italian Loaf

Similar to a traditional Italian breadstick, this bread has a crunchy crust with a soft, doughy inside. It makes a tasty pairing with Italian food, salads, or soups.

3. Authentic French Bread

Transport yourself to the Champs Élysées with this simple recipe. The best part? It requires no electric mixer, just a wooden spoon and your own two hands.

4. Easy Naan Bread

A perfect addition to your curries and soups, naan is fantastic for absorbing and mopping up delicious sauces. It can also be frozen for up to a month if you have extras left over.

5. Hearty Breakfast Bread

The best way to start the day, this breakfast loaf is heavy, compact, and full of healthy ingredients like flaxseed, chia, and orange peel.

6. Rustic Oatmeal Soda Bread

Thanks to the flavours from thyme, oatmeal, and buttermilk, Oatmeal Soda Bread goes well with hearty stews, or with jam as a breakfast toast.

7. Simple Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls can be made with either white or whole wheat flour depending on the density you like and the meal it’s paired with. They’re also easily adaptable, with chopped garlic, fresh herbs, or Parmesan cheese adding an extra twist of flavour.

Now that you have a handy baking list to start checking off, fire up your oven, and get to work! Happy baking!

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