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Daddy Dinnertime Hacks

Daddy Dinnertime Hacks

Being an active, engaged, and present parent is truly the most mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging and draining role on the planet. Part of being a good dad includes sharing the load when it comes to feeding your kids. So how to deal with picky eaters, stressful mealtimes, and getting your kids the right nutritional balance?

You probably won’t listen because, let’s be honest, you’re a man (it’s what we do best), but here are a few tips to get you through your mealtime adventure.

Your reaction to mealtime is 100 percent up to you

Much like a wolf, they can smell your fear. You can choose to get frustrated or you can choose to laugh. Attitude reflects leadership.

“Hire” a sous chef

Including your kids in the preparation process not only teaches them valuable life skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment, but also gets them invested in the meal so they’re more likely to eat it.

Eat together

Eating together is a great way to teach important table manners and show what healthy eating looks like. After all, you’re a role model. It’s also a great way to maintain a sense of familial connection. Studies show that children of families that eat together are less likely to engage in risky behaviour or develop disordered eating.


This is a web exclusive for the article “Daddy Dining Support Group” from the June 2020 issue of alive magazine.

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