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5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Green and Happy

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Green and Happy

Most of us consider our loveable pets to be our best friends, so it’s important to stay eco-friendly when it comes to our pets and how we care for them to insure a happy, healthy future for us all.

You can find the full article on page 50 of alive’s April 2020 issue, under “Make your pet’s world as green as can be: Eco-friendly tips for our furry friends”.

Watching our pets sleep, eat, and play gives a good indication of their preferences: as close to natural as possible. Incidentally, their innate choices are also the greenest.

  1. Build a DIY pet bed using recycled materials and furniture.
  2. Choose local and sustainable for food.
  3. Go for natural fibre toys which you can return to nature through composting.
  4. Manage waste responsibly: compost or flush (no bags please).
  5. Adopt your pet and consider spaying/neutering.

Keeping our pets on the green side of life requires more than just attending to their needs, though. The environment—plants, animals and their respective ecosystems—need you to keep pets away so they do not cause harm by killing birds (cats) or stomping on sensitive wildlife-populated areas (dogs.)


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