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Respect Your Elderberries

Respect Your Elderberries

Viruses beware! We all love snacking on different types of berries so we can benefit from their wonderful health effects, but have you ever considered the magic of elderberries?


What’s so great about elderberries?

These dark and tart little fruits, also known as Sambucus nigra berries, are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, fibre, and antioxidants that are known to help stimulate your immune system and fight inflammation.


But, did you know?

Promising research suggests elderberries may have a positive effect on the length and severity of the flu and the common cold. Research is also looking into the benefits of elderberry extracts for heart health and even cancer. They’re a fantastic (and yummy) addition to your diet to help your body feel strong and supported.


How can I take them?

Elderberries are most often consumed as a syrup, but you might also find them in teas, gummies, lozenges, or pills.

The sweet-tart taste of elderberry syrup makes a simple spoonful go down in the most delightful way! Or you can spoon it over salads, dessert, and even pancakes. Gummies are a great option for the kids, while elderberry tea, combined with other germ-busting ingredients like honey and ginger, offers a warming antidote to cold and flu symptoms.


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