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More time with your doctor.

It’s better for everyone.

By Paula Franken

Doesn’t it feel great when you have enough time to do something — the way it should be done? Each doctor at a Geisinger 65 Forward health center sees a maximum of 450 patients. The national average is 2,500. Having more time to focus on the people they’re caring for is something that several doctors say attracted them to 65 Forward.

A Pennsylvania native, Jovan Adams, DO, joined the Kingston location in July 2020 after years as a physician and nursing home medical director in Georgia.

“I love being able to take the time to build relationships with my patients,” says Dr. Adams. “Many have complex medical needs and I can address their questions thoroughly and follow up quickly with testing and treatment because lab work and other testing services are done right on site. Plus, I can see them right away if they need an appointment.”

“Having more time to interact with my patients lets me tailor more personalized treatment plans,” says George Avetian, DO, of the Wilkes-Barre location. “And being part of a care team means we’re all working together to provide a whole new level of care. This is the type of program I’d like my mother to be a part of. I look forward to signing up for it myself someday.”

Gary Kemberling, DO, joined the Shamokin Dam location when it opened in October — after 29 years as a family practice physician in Selinsgrove. He’s looking forward to treating many of the same patients who’ve been with him for years — and now having more time to devote to each of them. “I’ll be better able to manage their care,” he explains. “Not only will I have more time to spend with them, but I’ll also be part of a care team that includes nurses, a wellness coordinator, a pharmacist, a dietitian and other staff. I’ll be able to walk down the hall and confer with any of them. This truly is VIP care for seniors.”

Adds Shane Young, MD, a physician with the newest location in Hazleton, “I’m excited to be part of a program that lets me take the time to get to know my patients as people and empowers me to give them the compassionate, comprehensive care they deserve. 65 Forward is more than a health center, it’s a community center that addresses physical, emotional and social health.”

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Shane Young, MD, George Avetian, DO, Jovan Adams, DO, and Gary Kemberling, DO
From left, Shane Young, MD, George Avetian, DO, Jovan Adams, DO, and Gary Kemberling, DO, join the 65 Forward staff.


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