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Is Yin Yoga For You?

In Yin yoga, poses are held for up to eight minutes. Find out how you can benefit from this passive style of yoga.Ashtanga, Iyengar, restorative, hot, flow, and power—there are a variety of yoga style

Improve Your Flexibility

Flexibility is much more important than many of us believe. Here\'s why it\'s so crucial for healthy aging, and how you can improve.When was the last time your fingers said hello to your toes? Canada’s

Embrace the Canadian Winter

Getting outside is fun--even in winter! With a little planning and preparation, you can still enjoy the great outdoors.Have you noticed that your exercise routine gets harder to maintain as the days g

Yoga for Beginners

Everyone can do yoga! Discover some simple beginner poses for a healthy New Year.Are you ready to set an intention for your health? Visit a yoga studio or practise our suggested yoga poses at home to

Heart Rate Training

Have a heart-smart workout! Read on to decode terms such as \"target heart rate,\" \"the zone,\" and \"recovery heart rate.\"“Get your heart rate up to ‘X’ beats per minute to really burn fat/calories/carbs

Defying Gravity

Aerial yoga offers a fun and challenging twist on the ancient practice of yoga. Why not try it out?Traditional yoga may strengthen the core and clear the head, but a plain downward facing dog may not

Strengthen Your Back

With commitment, education, and targeted exercises such as these, you\'ll be able to strengthen your back in no time.If you’ve never had a neck, spine, or hip injury, but suffer from back pain or frequ

Get Your Mojo Back

Good news! You may be able to raise your testosterone level naturally. Here are a few ways to minimize the decline.“I’m starting to have a hard time keeping up with my 18-year-old son.” This concern w