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Achieve Your Beautiful Skin Goals

Achieve Your Beautiful Skin Goals

Do you know the ingredients in your skin care products? And do you know if they actually do what they say? Many beauty ingredients are actually harmful. Check out these natural beauty ingredients that help you achieve beautiful skin, safely.

Many people spend a lot of money unknowingly buying harmful beauty products to keep their skin looking vibrant and young. Consumers sometimes have no idea what the ingredients are, or if they’re beneficial. Often, though, the ingredients are just following a trend and aren’t necessarily effective—or safe.

When you check the ingredient label for your next beauty product purchase, look for these five all-natural, effective ingredients to help you obtain those beautiful skin goals, safely.

Activated charcoal

This super-magnetic ingredient is being used more frequently for its detoxing properties. Activated charcoal helps pull or purge impurities from the skin while gently exfoliating. This removes buildup on the surface of the skin, helping you achieve supple, glowing skin.

Vitamin C

It’s best known as an important nutrient for overall health. But it also does wonders for your skin as an essential component in the body’s natural production of collagen. Topical vitamin C serums and creams help protect the skin from sun damage and reduce the appearance of dark circles and age spots. It also assists in improving your overall complexion, creating brighter, healthier skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Increase moisture, improve elasticity, and diminish the appearance of fine lines with hyaluronic acid. This powerful ingredient is being incorporated into antiaging beauty products and is often recommended for those who suffer from dry skin. Its moisture-locking properties help skin appear and feel smoother, dewier, and more refreshed.

Vitamin E

One of the best-known antioxidants used for overall skin health, vitamin E can be found in many skin care products for its rich moisturizing and conditioning properties. Vitamin E protects the skin from harmful effects of solar radiation by acting as a free radical scavenger. It helps repair and improve the appearance of damaged skin and is commonly used to target dark under eye circles.

Tea tree oil

Often called nature’s first aid skin treatment, tea tree oil has increased in popularity in soaps, hair care products, and topical ointments. An essential oil, it has antifungal and antibacterial benefits that encourage healing and help prevent infection. Many beauty pros use it to help reduce itching, acne breakouts, and dandruff. Tea tree oil is a great substitute for benzoyl peroxide and can treat acne without the negative side effects of peeling and redness.

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