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Here’s how integrative medicine benefits seniors

Learn how a holistic approach to medicine can help you improve your overall health

Healthcare doesn’t have to be just about your regular physical. More healthcare systems are turning to integrative medicine, which involves addressing the whole person — your mental, social and physical health.
“Integrative medicine is about achieving balance in life,” says Kenneth Tomczyk, DO, family medicine physician at Geisinger 65 Forward. “This holistic approach to care includes using diet, exercise, counseling and more, in addition to traditional medical practices, to help improve your overall health.” 

How does integrative medicine improve your health?

Through focusing on a broader picture of healthcare, you can work to achieve a balance in your overall health. Think of it this way: if you have a balance of physical health, mental health and spiritual health, you’re going to feel great. But if your health isn’t on track in just one of those areas, you’re going to feel out of balance.

“That’s why we’re seeing a shift in healthcare towards a holistic approach,” says Dr. Tomczyk. “Instead of simply using medication as a form of treatment, wellness centers are offering social and group activities, nutrition counseling and more alongside traditional treatment methods.”

Sometimes, we underestimate the value of our social health. As we get older, many people may experience social isolation, which can affect their physical and mental health. That’s where educational and social activities and classes come into play.

You can improve your overall health with group classes

“If you sign up for a group fitness class, for example,” says Dr. Tomczyk, “you’re not only going to feel better from exercising, but you’ll also meet new people and open up your social circle.” That’ll improve not only your physical health over time but your mental and social health as well.

Whether it’s the social interaction or the feeling of being held accountable for your health, attending senior-focused group classes can offer lifelong friendships and advances toward your fitness goals. 

“Social and educational activities are an important part of senior health care,” says Dr. Tomczyk. “Keeping mentally and socially active as you age can help keep your brain healthy.” 

Geisinger 65 Forward health and wellness centers incorporate integrative medicine into each person’s healthcare. Our wellness centers offer everything you need under one roof in a calm, relaxing environment. “We’re bringing a holistic medicine approach to our 65 and older communities,” says Dr. Tomczyk.

If you’re 65 or older and a Geisinger Gold Medicare Advantage member, you can sign up for Geisinger 65 Forward. Members of Geisinger 65 Forward have access to group activities and classes that help promote holistic wellbeing, including: 

  • Yoga
  • Circuit training 
  • Walking groups 
  • Strength & stretch
  • Ceramics
  • Cooking classes
  • Card games
  • Book club
  • Painting sessions 
  • Bingo 
  • And more 

How can I join Geisinger 65 Forward?

The services at Geisinger 65 Forward go beyond regular appointments with your PCP. And signing up is easy. All you have to do is be 65 or older and have Geisinger Gold (Medicare Advantage) insurance. 

Have questions related to Geisinger Gold? Our insurance specialists are on standby Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., to answer your questions. Call us for more information: 570-207-5970 (TTY: 711).

Next steps:

Learn more about Geisinger 65 Forward
Make an appointment with Kenneth Tomczyk, DO
Learn more about Geisinger Gold

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