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5 Ways to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed During the Coronavirus Chaos

5 Ways to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed During the Coronavirus Chaos

Feeling burnt out? With COVID-19 dominating headlines everywhere, we’re all feeling a little more on edge than usual. If you’re self-isolating at home with nothing to do, it’s totally normal to get trapped in your own thoughts with worries about the effects of this pandemic. Try to think of yourself as an oasis of calm in a sea of anxiety and try out these calming and centering activities.


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1. Go outside … to your backyard

A breath of fresh air is almost always guaranteed to do a world of good. While it’s recommended we all stay at our homes, going out for a walk (alone or with your dog) or setting up a picnic lunch in your backyard to enjoy the spring weather, feel closer with nature, and get a change of scenery from your living room may help improve your mood.


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2. Pet your pet

Animals can sense when something’s amiss, so be sure to give your furry friends an extra pat on the head for helping to brighten your mood. Studies suggest that interacting with animals can reduce levels of cortisol (a hormone related to stress) and lower blood pressure as well as reduce feelings of loneliness.


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3. At home yoga studio

While getting exercise at a public space like a yoga studio is great for motivation, there’s nobody stopping you from turning your living room into your own temporary yoga space. YouTube has countless yoga and meditation tutorial videos to help drown out the outside noise and focus on yourself. Now, breathe in … breathe out.


4. Turn your home into a luxury spa

All the gyms and spas are closed? No problem. You deserve a break, so turn your bathtub into a personal pool of wellness by infusing your bathwater with essential oils known for their calming effects such as lavender or lemon balm. Light a soy or beeswax candle, turn on some soft music, dim the lights … and then soak all your cares away.


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5. Give your family and friends a call

Just because you need to be isolated doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your loved ones online or over the phone. Call up a relative or friend you’ve often found yourself too busy to talk to. They’re also probably feeling overwhelmed with the current state of things and could use someone to talk and vent to. Simply having someone to chat with can do wonders for your anxieties, and hearing someone else’s problems can make you feel less alone too.


Remember, all of this is temporary. It’s natural to feel upset and overwhelmed, considering the recent events, but knowing it will pass will go a long way toward  keeping your mental health in check.


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