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How has your beauty routine changed during COVID-19?

How has your beauty routine changed during COVID-19?

While it may be a stressful and uncertain time for us during the COVID-19 epidemic, the relaxed, stay-at-home vibe can come with some silver linings too. Take beauty for example. With many people staying home to work, and big social events being a no-go for the next few months, putting extra time and effort into your morning beauty routine seems unnecessary to some. In fact, many people have embraced their natural beauty, and have adapted just fine to this strange new world when it comes to looking fresh and staying healthy. Check out what the team at alive has been doing when it comes to beauty routines and treating yourself.


“I’ve been focusing heavily on skincare! In the evening, I remove my makeup with a reusable makeup wipe, followed by cleansing with a gentle honey cleanser to remove any leftover dirt. After, I apply a vitamin C toner, followed by a retinol cream. I let that sit for about 20 minutes, then apply my nighttime moisturizer and an overnight lip mask. In the morning, I cleanse again, apply a mushroom serum, followed by a regular day moisturizer and then an SPF…. The extra care and attention has done wonders for my skin.”

Doing what’s essential

“My beauty routine has become so much simpler and more streamlined: natural nails, simple feel-good makeup, and messy buns all day, every day. I’ve really learned what’s essential for me, and what I don’t actually need (bye, expensive gel manicures).”

New hairdo

“I’m letting my hair grow out (long is the new short!), I air dry my hair after showering, and using a lot less hot tools to give it a much needed break (the perks of working from home!). The change in my hair’s texture is really noticeable.”

Fresh faced

“I’ve taken this opportunity to give my skin a break from almost all makeup. I’m pretty sure there are cobwebs growing over my bottle of foundation. The one thing I’ve doubled down on is mineral sunscreen. I try to reapply it regularly whenever I’m out, especially to the back of my hands (since frequent hand sanitizing scrubs it away!).”

Slowing it down

“For me, no more manicures and that’s okay with me! I still shower and put on a bit of makeup each day – it just makes me feel better and keeps me in a routine. That being said, it’s been really nice to slow down a bit and not fuss over my regular routine of hair appointments, etc.”


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