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Matters of the Mind

From your joints to your gut flora, you’ve got your physical health covered. But have you thought about protecting your mind? Learn about four mental health concerns, your susceptibility to them, and

Blue Light Blues

E-readers, your cellphone, and LED streetlights: just a few examples of convenient blue light-emitting devices. But these rays have drawbacks. Find out about the health hazards of blue light and what

Taking a Stand for GMO Labelling, Regenerative Agriculture, and Nature

At 19 years old, Rachel Parent is already a luminary leader who encourages everyone—no matter their age—to join her in the fight for GMO labelling and protecting the planet. Find out how this activist

Alli Walker: Music With a Conscience

PEI-native singer/songwriter Alli Walker has performed in venues across North America for the better part of a decade. But she’s just now opening up about a surprising fact: she’s fought a lifelong ba

Earthing Uncovered

Our modern lifestyles have created a disconnect between us and the numerous electrons on the surface of the earth. Yet, scientific research shows that reconnecting with these electrons can come with h

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Earthing

First off, what is earthing? Earthing—also known as grounding—refers to making direct skin contact with the surface of the earth, or connecting to the earth through the use of grounding tools. And her

Breaking the Man “Mould”

We know women have become very familiar with–and skilled at–adopting traditionally male roles. But often, men feel obligated to remain within traditional roles assigned them by societal norms. Adherin

Tuning Into Your Masculine Side

Dr. John Oliffe, founder and lead investigator of the University of British Columbia’s Men’s Health Research program, believes that men don’t have to depart completely from normative masculinity to se